For all your monochrome needs! This baby bib will hide all those dribbles and catch them too! With a black and white print, you'll never see those dribbles! 


  • Front fabric - 100% cotton 
  • Back fabric - white 100% Cotton soft, woven brushed Wincyette Flannel
  • One size fits most with 2 Kam snaps to fit 3 months to 24 months

Monochrome Dribble bib

    • Hand wash the bib in Luke warm water
    • Do not scrub. Just gently wash the bib.
    • Or use the most delicate setting on your washing machine with phosphate free detergent
    • Fading can be minimised through the use of cool wash settings and gentle wash cycles.
    • Can be tumble dried on a very low temperature and removed promptly. 
    • Bibs can be ironed

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